Hey, howdy, hi!

We’re so glad you found our page. I’m Jamie Makin & this is The Husband (not to be confused with a standard husband. We’re talking capital T capital H here, folks.) We are here to share our love of creating beautiful home decor out of wood with you!

With our Standard Poodle Louie by our side, we have built a life we are absolutely thrilled with. The Husband has worked construction and landscaping since he was 14, so he brings all sorts of building knowledge to the team. He’s the math to my arts. I’m a reformed Social Worker who needed something to relieve the stress of my full-time job— enter crafting! I bring creativity, ideas and goofiness to the table.

In our 15+ years of marriage (😲eep!), we have tackled numerous Home remodels, full on builds, camper/RV renovations and now we are tackling the job of working together full time! But now, remember that 15+ years? We’re getting old! So we are downsizing our projects! Good news is, that allows us to do really cool stuff on a smaller scale. We are using scrap wood, some reclaimed wood and excess cuttings from a local mill to bring you fabulous wall art mosaics, modern farmhouse wood signs, porch leaners…and more!

Fun Fact: every single project we make has one common denominator… Chalk Couture!

Laughter, Decor & Chalk Couture

I joined as a Chalk Couture Designer without ever having tried the product. But, I have ZERO regrets! (bonus points if you read that in your head a “regerts” LOL) I love quick crafting and as a team, The Husband and I have really enjoyed experimenting with a variety of ways to use the silkscreen stencils, chalk pastes and the boards. We’ve painted, stained, etched, glazed, inked and sanded our way into some creative projects with Chalk Couture. Check out our YouTube channel if you want some examples! 

We have also worked hard to build a full-fledged business that supports us full-time– which just means we get to craft and create ALL DAY! We’d love to talk to you about it some time if you’re interested. (Or if you want to low-key snoop, here’s a good spot.)  

When We're Not Working

Eventhough we very much enjoy creating gorgeous and unique home decor, we do actually have other hobbies! You might run into us at a campground. We’ll be the ones with all the wood signs out front 🤣 We’re setting out on some East Coast adventures this summer in our new (to-us) RV. We’ve affectionately named him HaRVey! (GET IT?!?) Got a good camping spot? Tell us!! 

We’re also thinking of starting Geo-caching. I know, I know. We’re like 10+ years late to the party. But it should still be fun and I’m absolutely certain Louie will love wandering in the woods with us! He pretty much enjoys anything outside. He came with Fetch installed, so he runs the yard after the ball for as long as you’ll keep throwing it. But, for a Poodle, he hates water. Go figure. Maybe we’ll give him some good experiences while we are camping and he’ll learn to love it. 

Anywho, that’s probably too much information about us. If you have any questions or wanna suggest somewhere cool to camp, we’re all ears! You can shoot us a message on Instagram, Facebook or fill out the form below. 

Thanks! And happy chalkin’!

💕Jamie Makin & The Husband