About Jamie

Hey, I’m Jamie Makin!! I’m a Couturier and Independent Designer with Chalk Couture. I’m a dog mom and wife to an amazing supportive husband (both whom occasionally make cameos in my Chalk videos!). After graduating college, I held many jobs in human services and direct care, most recently I was a social worker/case manager. I’ve always had a desire to help people live their best lives. Over those years I spent a lot of time helping people learn to walk, helping them to function independently and teaching them basic skills to function independently in society again. These types of jobs can be super stressful and soon I learned that I needed a way to relieve that tension at the end of the day and make some new friends. That’s when I found direct sales!

I actually joined Chalk Couture without ever having used the products! There were some key words that caught my attention when my friend was talking about it: Reuseable, Washable, and Discount. So yeah, I started my designership just to get a discount on my own personal products— which is totally allowed! I’ve always loved to craft and create. In the past I had made jewelry, scrapbooked, painted canvases, tried sewing (that was a disaster lol), crocheted, and soooo many more crafts. The problem was my house was small and I didn’t have a whole lot of room to store a ton of supplies. Also I’m a busy gal, so when I have 30 minutes to create something beautiful, I don’t want to spend 25 of it pulling out supplies and getting set up. I needed quick and easy projects with simple cleanup that still allowed me to craft my stress away. Enter Chalk Couture.

I absolutely love that all of the reuseable silkscreen transfers store flat and can even hang in my closet. I reuse the same chalkboards over and over when I feel like changing up my decor, because the chalk paste is washable. And not to mention, the designs come out perfect every time— unlike some of my paintings. Also unlike paintings, if I wash it away and want the design back again, I can reuse the same transfer and it will come out identical! I also love that I’m not restricted to chalkboards either. I have made wood & metals signs and even designed pillows! With this simple, compact product, I can create beautiful decor for my home and feed my creative need in just 30 minutes from set up to cleanup. It was a no-brainer!

Many people wonder how I managed to join a company I knew very little about, build a team of over 175+ and promote to executive leader ranks in just 11 months. I’ve been in direct sales for many years, when you’re passionate about your product and willing to share with others, it’s simple.

I’ve always loved to learn, and part of that process for me is teaching others what I know! That’s why I host weekly trainings on a variety of subjects for the team. Sometimes it’s a business building strategy or skill, and sometimes it’s just a new technique to use while chalking. That’s also why this blog exists. I want customers, even if they’re not mine, to get the latest updates and as much new inspiration for their products as possible and to find a community and connection with other chalkers.

Thanks for coming to meet me! If you have any questions at all, please reach out through my contact page. I’d love to answer any questions you may have or to welcome you as a new customer or team member!

Meet the Family

Behind every happy woman is a family who helps keep her that way!

Jamie & Jeff Makin

Jeff Makin

AKA The Husband

My rock, my soul mate and my biggest supporter. The man who puts up with my crazy and has some crazy ideas of his own!

Happily married since 2005



AKA “Booger”

A Standard Poodle who is anything but standard. Louie never met a dog, human or toy he didn’t absolutely love. He’s a big fan of smiling and morning snuggles. And he snores.
Born 2017 Border Collie Australian Shepard mix dog


AKA “Roni”

Mix of Border Collie, Australian Shepard and pure awesome. Spent his days following me all over the house and making sure I was safe when I walked to the kitchen.
2002-2018 Blue Merle Great Dane


AKA “Bean”

120 lb. Great Dane, lover of blankets and all things snuggly. The ears tell the story. If she wanted your attention, be sure that you would have known it- her head would have been buried in your gut.