How to Use Chalk Couture Paste like a Pro

The secret to all of our DIY projects is the Chalkology PASTE! It’s easy to use and super versatile. If you’re just getting started with Chalk Couture, or maybe hit a bump in the DIY road and need some help, here are our top tips on how to use Chalk Couture paste like a pro!

Mix Well

When first opening the paste, mix until it no longer sounds like rice krispies (no snap crackle pop). Air bubbles can get in the product during production. No big deal, but we want to get those out for maximum performance!

The Right Texture

You want your pastes to be a yogurt-like consistency so it spreads properly. (Our new creamy dreamy paste formula makes this even easier!) We have a whole post about getting the perfect chalk paste consistency if you want to read more!

Distilled Water

Use water to thin down your pastes if they’re too thick. Use distilled water so you don’t run the risk of getting mold in the jar after a while.

chalk couture squeegee

Spread Evenly

Use the right tool for the job. The squeegees come in a variety of sizes. You’ll want to go small for the detail work and wide for cover-all jobs!

Avoid Smudges

Make sure you don’t have any paste on your fingers before peeling the transfer off. If you’re trying to use Chalk Couture paste like a pro, you don’t want to leave fingerprints on your work surface!

The Husband is always a mess!

Get Creative

You can create your own colors! Mix pastes to get that perfect shade.

But Mix Carefully

Mix small amounts of darker colors into lighter colors when making custom shades. The other way around may leave you mixing more product than intended.

Get Glittered

While your paste is wet, sprinkle glitter on paste to give it an extra sparkle!

How to use Chalk Couture paste like a pro
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Paste to Paint

You can paint with chalk. Change the color or your frame on you favorite board by just watering down a little paste and using a paintbrush to paint it on.

Keep it Clean

Finally, scrape the top and sides of the jar clean to keep the paste from hardening with time. Don’t build a collection of crusties if you want to successfully create masterpieces when you use Chalk Couture paste!

Do you feel like a pro yet? If you still have questions, you can text us any time at 315-516-8881. It’s really us and we’ll really answer! Talk to you soon!

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