February 2021 Club Couture Project Ideas

Your February 2021 Club Couture package has arrived and now you’re… stumped. Pretty design. Gorgeous coordinating colors. Noooooo idea what to do with it. Never fear, Jamie is here (and The Husband, too, I guess.) See what we created with this month’s Club Couture transfer!

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Watercolor Classic

This started as something COMPLETELY different. We made a booboo and now we have this beauty. Happy mistakes, right?

watercolor project with Club Couture February transfer

Double Sided Spinner Sign

Two sides, two messages, one beautiful finished peace. Give it a twiiiiirl.

Go confidently from February Club Couture shipment on a spinner

A Little Off-Beat, Perhaps

Taco lovers unite! I thought this was a great idea. I’m not sure The Husband agrees, but…to the kitchen wall, it goes!!!!

A funny take on February Club Couture transfer- Go confidently in the direction of your tacos

An Inspirational Shirt

Jazz up the front. Jazz up the sleeves. Do a little ditty on the back. Tah-dah!

February Club Couture tshirt

A Festive Banner

I enjoy this one because it’s so customizable in every way- and it was fun to put together.

February Club Couture banner

DIY Video Instructions

If you want to make any of these projects with your February Club Couture transfer, or just love to ‘craft video and chill’ you can watch our 5 part series over on YouTube of The Husband and I making ALL of these projects. Enjoy…

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