Current Club Couture Details – March 2021

Chalk Couture's Club Couture
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So you’re thinking about joining Club Couture, Chalk Couture’s monthly craft subscription… Good choice! Club Couture is a great way to test and play with our transfer and chalk paste! Chances are, if you’re considering signing up, you probably want to know what you’re actually getting each month. So here is the easy peasy rundown of the current Club Couture offer- what you’ll get when you sign up for Club Couture in March 2021.

Your Monthly Craft Subscription

Our Club Couture members receive a package of craftiness every month right to their door step. What’s in that package? One B-sized transfer (available ONLY by being in the club) and 3 coordinating chalk paste single packets. If you’d like more of the nitty gritty details of Club Couture CLICK HERE. Otherwise, let’s see the beautiful contents of your March package!

Current Club Couture Design for March 2021

Drum roll, please….

Oooooh, ahhhhhhh. We love it? We love it. Very springy. Very nature and freedom. It’s my vibe.

If you want to see what we’ve been MAKIN with our Club Couture transfers lately, we have a whole pile of posts about that, too. Go forth and be inspired HERE.

March Club Couture Special

Something pastey is on the way! Details coming soon…

What are you waiting for?

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