Motivational Quotes: DIY Edition (Bonus Gift)

Happy New Year! Let’s all say it together: 2020 sucked. The start of a new year is a great time to start fresh. We’ll try again for 2021 and smash our goals. We’ll get motivated. Kick some butt. WE CAN DO THIS. Lucky for me, it’s like Chalk Couture heard the call that I need some motivational quotes in my life and came out with their Creative Kickstart collection!

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Motivational Quotes in my Home Office

Sooooo, I’m obviously creating a whole bunch of things with this new collection of transfers, which are only available during the month of January, btw, but I’m focusing mostly on motivational office decor. If you’ve been hanging around with The Husband and me for a while, you know we are building a new Chalk studio (Follow the build progress over on our Instagram highlight) and OF COURSE it needs some new decor. Duh. (Woe is me. How awful that I have a whole new space to DIY and design. Hehehe.) I figured I’d share what I’m makin and maybe inspire you to jazz up your own space since everyone is working from home thanks to COVID.

>>>>> You can see what we’ve made so far over on Facebook and watch the videos on our YouTube channel! <<<<<

Something for Everyone

Maybe you’re thinking “Okay, Jamie. I don’t have a home office.” And I’m actually thinking “Hey, you. You should join Chalk Couture and get your own home office going,” BUT what I’m REALLY saying is that this collection is for EVERYONE. Hear me out.

Check out the photos for yourself. These transfers are great for business women and small business owners, direct sellers and leaders (excellent team building exercise- ask me about a virtual workshop), health and fitness peeps (gym shirts and signs?!), nutritionists, religious leaders, business coaches… How about anyone anywhere who has a friend who needs a little encouragement or any person on this planet who has a goal they’re striving to reach!?!?!

Mega Deals

It turns out Chalk Couture is our motivational quote and decor angel! You can purchase each of the transfers alone for retail price, just $14.99 USD, OR you can get them FREE! That’s right. Who doesn’t love free?

Here’s the deal they’re giving us: Spend $75, get 1 FREE. Spend $100, get 2 FREE. Spend $125 and GET ALL 3 CREATIVE KICKSTART TRANSFERS FREE! Woah. This means you can stock up on all the other transfers you’ve been eyeing, grab some surfaces you love, and add to your paste stash (highly recommend the new Luxe Palette Pack) and get your motivational quotes on me! If that’s not motivational, I don’t know what is.

BONUS: When you shop the collection through my site, I’ll send along a list of over 30 sayings you can create with the products. I know creative inspiration can be hard to find when there’s a lot going on and I want to help you make something (or many somethings) you’ll adore!

>>>>> Shop the Creative Kickstart Collection during the month of January! <<<<<

So that’s that. Let’s get makin and motivate ourselves! Oooooh, and while you’re shopping and loving on yourself, check out our Valentine’s Day craft inspiration, too! There’s some good stuff over there and some of my new favorite year-round decor. We’ll see ya next time!

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