Get the Most from Your Chalk Couture Transfers

You’ve got your new Chalk Couture transfers, paste, and surface! You’re ready to roll. But wait. How do you USE that beautiful sticky transfer? Should it be that sticky? How do you center the design? What about clean up? NEVER FEAR, JAMIE IS HERE! Here are some of my top tips for getting the most from your Chalk Couture transfer:

Create labels

Label the backing using either the name of the transfer or a number system to make it easier to match the transfer to the backing. Avoid the backing puzzle later (unless maybe you love combining puzzles and crafting time?).

Organize like a pro

Get a photo album or an art portfolio to keep your Chalk Couture transfers straight, flat, and together if you don’t want to store them in the packaging they came in.

Mix it up

Mix and match different parts and pieces of transfers to make a custom design.

DIY Chalk Couture pac man sign

Fuzz fuzz fuzz

Be sure to properly fuzz your transfers before each use so they don’t stick to your surface TOO well. Do a little extra fuzzing when chalking on glass, metal, or other hard surfaces. (Grab your official fuzzing cloth HERE.)

Don’t stay stuck

If you accidentally get the adhesive sides stuck together (been there, done that), run under water and gently pull them apart.

To soak or not to soak

Make sure not to soak water based transfers. You can tell if it’s water based by the W after the name on the bottom of the transfer.

Water based transfers have a W on the bottom of the transfer

Keep it cool

Washing transfers in cool water keeps from removing adhesive.

Keep it clean

Board erasers are great for removing all the paste, both from the top and the screen, of the transfer.

Wash time

Clean larger transfers in your tub to give yourself more room to spread it flat.

Get the most from your chalk couture transfers
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Never use baby wipes to clean your transfers. They will leave oil behind. You can use clorox wipes, but the best wipes to use are the wipes that are just water- or best of all simply use water and a board eraser!

Place the backing on the transfer

Once completely dry after cleaning, place the backing on you Chalk Couture transfer, not the transfer on the backing. Lay the transfer flat on your table or counter and put the backing on top. Trust me.

Viola! You are now prepared to create anything you’d like with your Chalk Couture transfers! Did you learn something new? Have any of your own tips? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below! And if you haven’t already, subscribe to us over on YouTube for videos of our daily projects along with our regularly scheduled shenanigans and tips.

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