Chalk Couture Holiday Gift Guide

Welcome to our 2020 Chalk Couture Holiday Gift Guide! One of my absolute favorite parts of Chalk Couture is the versatility and ease of use. As long as you have the product in hand and 20 minutes to spare, you can create a personalized DIY project with Chalk Couture! Of course, this makes it fantastic for gifting. Whether you are wrapping up the product itself or putting a bow on a finished product, we have something for you! So let’s chat and get those people crossed off your list. (Pssst… Make sure you check out our Black Friday post if you’re shopping for deals!)

Chalk Couture Lover

This is an easy one, guys. You can buy pretty much anything from our catalog for someone who already chalks. BUT, I have a strong recommendation. Check out Club Couture for the biggest of Chalk fans. For $19.99/ month (3 month minimum), members receive an exclusive transfer and 3 coordinating chalk paste singles. Club members also receive special promos from the company, offers from me, and other benefits. Want to learn more about it? Check out our Club Couture post and get signed up.

Your Crafty Wife or Girlfriend

paste, multi tool, squeegee, fuzzing cloth chalk couture tools assortment

Don’t worry, men. I’ve got you covered (and I’ve even set you up at the top here so you don’t have to scroll far to find what you need). Chalk Couture products are the perfect gift for a crafty woman in your life! Here’s the deal. If she’s already a chalk gal, you’ll want to head the the Shop Page and add at least one surface, chalk paste, and transfer to your cart! If she’s never tried chalk, go to the Accessories page for a squeegee and multi-tool, too. Bam! Done.

Secret Santa/ White Elephant Gift

Are you struggling to find a creative and worthwhile gift for the office Secret Santa? Unsure what to grab for a White Elephant exchange with your girlfriends? Buy a Try Me Kit! These all-in-one sets are perfect for gifting and include everything to get started: a transfer, surface, paste packets, and mini squeegee! The kits are available in a variety of designs and all sit right around the common $20 price point. Shop it.

Boss Lady

Everyone knows a killer boss lady these days. Every boss lady needs a little encouragement every now and then. The quotes on our transfers are perfect for making an inspirational sign, inked onto a bag or tee, or even given as the transfer itself with some Chalkology chalk paste for use during a craft time destress session. I’ve included some of my favorites in the slider above, but you can see them all by going to my Shop (click here) and choose “Words & Wit” in the categories section.


You know who else needs a little encouragement every now and then? Moms. (Dads, too, but- Moms.) Our holiday gift guide wouldn’t be complete without this mention. Shop for your mom, your mother in law (oof), a mom friend… Chalk Couture has all the makings of a heartfelt mom gift. (Again: Head to my Shop and find the “Family & Togetherness” category in the transfers section. And don’t stop there. Explore the rest of our products for ideas regarding endless laundry piles, the necessity of coffee, and other fun…) These make PERFECT wall art, photo frames, or kid-friendly craft projects.

The Traveler

The traveler in your life is probably having a rough year and missing life on the road! Gift them a little piece of those adventure memories with a gift from the Chalk Couture gift guide! Some of my favorite are above. See them all in my Shop under “Activities and Adventure.”

Your Favorite Home Chef or Baker

Who is the chef of the family? Do you have a favorite baking friend? Rumor has it, if you make their kitchen even prettier than it already is, they’ll want to spend more time in there and make you extra tasty food to fill your tummy. By the way, you can get REALLY creative with chalking kitchen items. Use ink and heat set your design on all kinds of surfaces like glass and ceramic for custom kitchenware!

Lover of Colors

Chalk Couture has chalk paste in every color of the rainbow. If you know someone in your life who loves a bright and colorful home, stock them up on chalk paste and let them have at it! See all the colors of paste here and ink here.

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I’d love to hear who else is on your shopping list in the comments! Who should we add to the Chalk Couture holiday gift guide? And don’t forget about yourself: Browse our Holiday catalog and Fall/Winter catalog and treat yourself.

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