New Chalk Couture Transfers- What You Need to Know

They have arrived! Chalk Couture has spent the last 17 months working to refine the production process of our Transfers and now they’re making the change. Read on for the important details you need to know about these new Chalk Couture Transfers!

New Chalk Couture Transfers- What You Need to Know
From Chalk Couture:

“The process to produce our incredible Chalk Transfer™ designs is getting a makeover. Together with our manufacturers, Chalk Couture has spent the past 17 months refining how our Transfers are produced. The shift supports more sustainable, environmentally-friendly manufacturing, which is an important win for Chalk Couture, our manufacturers, you, and your customers! The new-and-improved Transfers have started with our Holiday Suite Transfers, along with restocks to existing Transfers.”

What You Need to Know:
  • Transfers are still recommended for 8-12 uses!
  • Continue to clean transfers with water and a board eraser or disinfectant wipes.
  • The “trademark transfer scent” will be less noticeable.
  • Clean transfers QUICKLY instead of letting them soak. Prolonged soaking of these new transfers can reduce the longevity of the material and design!
  • Make sure they’re good and dry before placing them on the backer, or using them on another project.
  • They are super sticky, so be sure to fuzz, fuzz fuzz!
How do I know if it’s a Water Based Transfer?

You’ll notice on the bottom corner of your new Chalk Couture Transfer that there is a “W” at the end. It will always be present on the new water based transfer designs! Simple.

Keep an eye out as these new transfers start arrive in your orders and reach out in the comments or over on Facebook if you have any questions!

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