The Perfect Chalk Paste Consistency: Tips from an Expert

Your new Chalk Couture chalk paste has arrived! When you open up the jar, you may find a nice, creamy paste that’s ready to use- or your chalk paste consistency may be more like chunky toothpaste or even a little rubbery ball. It happens. It’s normal and you can bring those pastes back to life, no matter how far gone! Chalk Couture chalk paste is just chalk and water. We can fix it! Here’s what you need to do…


Pro tip: Using distilled water to revive your paste will keep any mold from forming inside the jar. Grab a gallon at the store and it’ll last you a while!

  1. Open up your jar and remove the white paper seal to get a look at your chalk paste consistency. Using the multi-tool, scrape around the edges to collect every last ounce. Some of the pigment may have leeched out of the chalk. It’s okay, just don’t get crazy with your mixing and splash it all over!

2. You’ll hear the chalk paste snap, crackle, and pop as you mix. Those are the air bubbles from being squeezed out of the machine. We want to remove those air bubbles. Keep going.

Chunky Chalk Tip:
Microwave your chalk paste for 5-8 seconds to prepare particularly dry jars for revival

3. Add a small amount of distilled water and start mixing it in. Add more water as needed.
– WOAH. Too much water!? Not a problem. Let it sit for a bit with the lid off. It will dry back out and you can start over again to get that perfect chalk paste consistency. –

4. Mix, mix, mix, mix, mix. Getting tired? Chalk Couture addicts and Club Couture members can invest in a miniature battery-operated paint mixer tool for under $10 to make this process extra quick and easy! (Pssst… If you use this handy little tool, treat it like your kitchen hand mixer. Move it around the jar and remove it slowly. Set the chalk paste jar down inside a plastic container while mixing to avoid splatter.)

5. Your chalk paste consistency is spot on when it’s similar to yogurt or sour cream. You want it to flow but not drip. You want it to ooze across the jar when you tip it.

6. Clean the lip of your jar and close the lid. Keeping a clean edge will ensure a tight seal and keep your Chalk Couture paste from drying out again.

Use this simple process to get the perfect chalk paste consistency for all your Chalk Couture projects! Remember: When you take care of your paste, your paste takes care of you.
Comment below! Have you ever used Chalk Couture’s chalk paste? Were these tips helpful?

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