Chalk Couture is Reusable: Create without Commitment

Reusable Chalk Couture products allow you to create without commitment. But what does that really mean?


Well, I’m assuming you’ve put together that the “creating” part is referring to Chalk Couture. Chalk Couture is my creative outlet! As I get older and busier, I don’t have time to haul out a ton of crafting supplies and spend 2+ hours making a thing. I’m also not a super creative person. However, I can take an idea and put my own spin on it. I love taking the same Transfer and make it a dozen different ways to appease my creative soul.

Creating with Chalk Couture is my answer to the paint and sip party. Paint and sip parties are a lot of fun because you’re hanging out with your friends and crafting. You get to leave with your project and get your creative mojo flowing! Having that outlet is pretty important to my mental health.


But there’s a downside to the paint and sip parties…all the canvases! Every time you participate, you end up with a new canvas. I don’t know about you, but I’m not Picasso and my creations aren’t that great. That kinda means that I toss them in the closet instead of displaying them proudly on my walls. But that’s not what happens with Chalk Couture projects!

Chalk Couture is reusable. Instead of stuffing a canvas into the closet, you can just wash off the Chalk board and chalk another design on it! The Chalk Couture Transfers are also reusable. Score! This makes me super happy because I don’t have to truly commit to a specific style or colors.

Chalk Couture is Reusable

Remember, the chalk boards are reusable, the Transfers are reusable and the chalk paste lasts for a really long time. Listen, I’m all about making the most of every penny and every purchase. So, if you stick with me, you’ll learn multiple ways to use the Transfers, surfaces and pastes you purchase from me. And who knows, maybe we can craft together sometime!

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