Why Join Chalk Couture Right Now

There are about a billion reasons to join Chalk Couture right now. Let’s cover some of the main reasons you’ll want to become a Designer with Chalk Couture!

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Smart Business Moves

I was recently lucky enough to be able to attend a company training from home office in person. I love going to these conferences because companies tend to share more about their strategy, vision and mission than they do in regular everyday communications. And this meeting with Chalk Couture was no exception.

The CEO, Kristine Windtfeldt, was standing up in the front of the meeting room at the Double Tree hotel, bubbling and giddy explaining the nitty gritty of how every decision is made. Every Transfer design is paired with a Chalk surface before it’s even considered for inclusion in the new catalog. They make sure that someone doesn’t *have* to go outside of the company to have a completed project. Of course, you can. But at Chalk Couture, they want their products to be a complete experience. They look at market trends, fashion trends and all different amounts of data to make the absolute best decisions on what products to introduce. And, they listen to their Designers. *swoon*

This concept drives every. single. decision. Including the one where the owners knew they had something good…and knew they didn’t know enough to make it great. So, they found people who did! The amount of forethought, wherewithal and, honestly, strength that takes is damn impressive. It’s hard to admit we don’t know everything!

Has it all been perfect? Absolutely not. But what I have witnessed is the ability to learn from their mistakes, apologize and provide a real resolution to make it better next time. That’s all we can really ask for, right? They’ve only been around since July 2017, but they’re making all the right moves for long term staying power. Want to join Chalk Couture on their journey? [maxbutton id=”2″]

Join Chalk Couture For the Ka-ching

Yep, I’ll say it. If you put in some effort as a designer you will make money! Put in more effort and intention, you’ll make good money! As much as we like to think we don’t do things for the money….money runs the world. It’s just a fact. So, why not get your piece of it?

Chalk Couture has a wonderful compensation plan. You’ll earn up to 40% commission, plus your team overrides should you decide to share the joy of Chalk with others, Savvy Seller Bonuses and Designer Dollars.

That Sweet, Sweet Designer Pricing

Sometimes, we just want to spend less out of pocket for our addictions,…I mean hobbies. You unlock a special Designer Price— whether you’re a Canadian Designer or a US Designer, you’ll pay 40% less than retail on orders placed through your Designer’s Office! You can think of that 40% as an instant commission. Kaching, baby!

DIY is Always In Season

Have you looked at HGTV lately? There’s an entire network devoted to DIY! People love to create and customize, but most of us don’t have the time (or $$) to completely renovate or fly Johanna Gaines in to shiplap the shit out of our homes. That’s where Chalk comes in.

When you join Chalk Couture as a Designer, you can help people completely customize the decor in their current house without breaking the bank (and without lifting a single piece of shiplap). The ease of our silkscreen transfers will appeal to the not-so-creative in your crowd. The reusability of the paste, boards and transfers will appeal to your frugal friends (hi, that’s me)! And everyone can have that Pinterest living room they’ve been dreaming of.

This Team is New, But Not Inexperienced

I’m gonna brag on my team a bit now. Chalk Couture launched in Canada on May 6th, 2019. That is the day this team began. Our team growth was exponential as we shared the excitement of Chalk!

My upline had built a very successful team with a former direct sales company that has since gone out of business. Personally, I’ve been involved in direct sales since I was 19 and have led successful teams during my time. My passion is teaching and training other direct sellers— and that means my team reaps the benefits! I’ve spoken on stages at National Conferences, to large groups of women entrepreneurs about using social media to grow their businesses and have taught content planning and time management classes. I’ve set up a team group with amazing resources at your fingertips any time of day. In less than 11 months we promoted to an executive level Couturier team with 200+ Designers, and more joining every single day. My direct downline is stuffed full of impressive women entrepreneurs who know direct sales, leadership, sponsoring and relationship marketing… if you’re looking for a powerhouse team, we’re it! We span the United States and Canada and are one of the fastest growing International teams. There is oodles of experience here just waiting to be tapped. And don’t you dare be intimidated by that. Both myself and my team love being leaders and are available to help answer questions! You even get the powerhouse team of 4 (soon to be 5) Couturiers!

What Are You Waiting For?

Seriously. What are you waiting for? The company is still in its infancy and there is so much further that it can go. Don’t you want to bear witness and be part of that history? I know I do. That’s one of the reasons I began building a career with Chalk Couture. I’d love to help you do the same.

Join my Chalk Couture team today and let’s start designing your dreams (with or without shiplap).

Still have questions? Check out some FAQs about joining Chalk Couture. Or simply text me and I’ll get you some answers and address any concerns— 315-509-1478 .

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