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Did you know In-home Workshops aren’t the only way to experience Chalk Couture? What would you say if I told you that you could host a Chalk Couture Virtual Party right on Facebook?

Woman hosting a virtual chalk couture Facebook party online from her laptop

Virtual Party on Facebook, You Say?

Yep! You’re already hanging out there, so why not get a dose of chalky creativity while you’re there!? And there is no need to worry about international borders. You can invite your Canadian friends and your American friends to the same party! Woo-hoo!

When you host a Chalk Couture Virtual Party with me, you & your friends will spend 45-60 minutes exploring the world of high end, diy home decor following a fun, seasonal theme!

You’ll get an insider’s look at design inspiration and techniques you may not see otherwise. Need personalized project suggestions to fit your current home design theme? Done & done! You’ll learn about your new favorite pastime while engaging with each other & laughing. How simple is that?!

But What If I Want Help While Creating My Project?

That’s where my Exclusive Chalk Labs come into play!

Every one of my Chalk Couture Virtual Party hosts get their own Chalk Lab time for after their guests receive their project supplies from the party. Chalk Labs are the “technical support” portion of the party and are conducted via a free video conferencing service called Zoom.

During your Chalk Lab call you will:

  • chalk live with your friends
  • learn how to care for your pastes, your surfaces and your transfers
  • learn how to chalk first hand
  • learn how to set up your work area
  • learn how to clean your transfers and tools
  • and I’ll be right there to help you troubleshoot any issues that may be going on!


Great! Fill out this quick form and we’ll connect and get you on the path to earning some rewards!

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Or you can contact me through my business page on Facebook. Head here to learn about my host program. Talk soon!

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