Chalk Couture October Special- Boutique Board Bonanza!

October’s Chalk Couture Specials are totally amazing! Take a look…

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october chalk couture special october 2019 boutique board bonanza sale special promotion discount

Whaaaaaat?! I’m not going to lie… these Chalk Couture October specials are getting my creative juices flowing. These specials can be found on my chalk site under the Deals and Specials tab. Make sure to find your favorite transfer to complete your design.

Imagine all of the beautiful designs you can make for your home– but don’t stop there. Think Gifts! How cool will you be when you give customized gifts for everyone in your family? They don’t need to know you got them on sale. And they’re going to think you’re a freaking creative rockstar because the transfers make this so easy a 4 year old could do it.

This sale is also the perfect opportunity to try Chalk Couture for the first time. Reduce your initial buy-in and make it an even less risky purchase– but really, how could you go wrong with buying crafty stuff?

I’m personally offering a special for everyone who purchases a surface, paste and transfer during this month– a free ticket to a Chalk Lab with me! I will email every customer who purchases a transfer, paste and surface from me during the month of October with an invitation to join my Zoom video conference call. During this Chalk Lab call you will learn:
* how to care for your pastes, your surfaces and your transfers
* how to chalk first hand
* how to set up your work area
* how to clean your transfers and tools
* and I’ll be right there to help you troubleshoot any issues that may be going on!

Club Couture Subscriber Specials

Every month Chalk Couture has a special for it’s Club Couture subscribers (don’t know what that is? Read about it!). October is no different. Not only can my Club Couture Subscribers take advantage of the 5 surfaces above at 50% off, but you get an additional 4 surfaces on sale!

white greyson 9 x 12 and 12 x 18, gold framed 10" and 18" round boards are available to club couture subscribers at 50% off during the october chalk couture special promotion sale

You can choose the Greyson 9″ x 12″ or 12″ x 18″, the 10″ Round Gold Frame or the 18″ Round Gold Frame boards when you are logged into your customer portal on my website.

Do NOT let this Chalk Couture October Special pass you by. This is an epic start to the Fall and Holiday season. I am super stoked to see what comes next! This special is sure to be popular– run NOW and get your surfaces before they’re out of stock!

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