FAQs of Joining Chalk Couture

FAQs Joining Chalk Couture

I’ve compiled a list for you of FAQ’s of joining Chalk Couture. They’re questions I’ve been asked a lot, so hopefully this list will help answer your concerns. Please feel free to contact me if you need clarification, or if you have a question not listed. Unless you’re ready to join my Chalk Couture team right now… then just click here to sign up!

How much is the Consultant kit?

The consultant kit is only $99, plus shipping.

FAQs Joining Chalk Couture

What are the quarterly minimums as a Chalk Couture Designer?

As a Chalk Couture Designer, you need to sell and/or purchase only $100 personal volume per quarter. Sounds easy, right? I think so! Chalk Couture quarters are standard financial calendar quarters (Jan- Mar, April-June, July-Sept & Oct-Dec). Coincidentally, this is one of the most asked FAQ’s of joining Chalk Couture in the US or Canada.

Do I get a discount on my own personal purchases?

Yes, you do… and it’s pretty damn good if you ask me. 40% off! Yes, FOURTY percent. That’s super awesomesauce, right? The prices in the back office already reflect the discounted pricing, so you don’t need a calculator when you’re making your personal orders. That also means you don’t need to wait to be ‘reimbursed’ through commission to get your discount- you submit with your discount already calculated which means less out of pocket. Also, when you join, Chalk Couture will send you a coupon for 15% off the designer price to use as well. You’ll get it right at the top of your designer back office page ready to use right away. Your purchase with that coupon also goes toward your personal sales volume. Even more awesome!

What’s the commission structure as a Chalk Couture Designer

Commission/discount:Orders that you submit in the back office will be at 40% off. If an order is placed on your Chalk Couture Designer website, then you’ll receive a 25% commission that is paid the following month on the 15th.
Designer Dollars: You will earn $20 Designer Dollars (product credit) for EVERY $200 PV you sell/order in a month. Ex. Sell $1,000 and you’ll earn 100 Designer Dollars. The Designer Dollars will show up in your back office and you’ll see your running tally there as well. If you were to have over $2,000 in sales, you get a SAVVY SELLER BONUS and earn a $200 CASH BONUS on top of the Designer Dollars that you earn. It’s actually 10% of your sales over $2000. So if you had $3000 in personal volume, you’d get $300 CASH BONUS. But wait… there’s more! If you have over $4,000 in personal volume, that bonus amount bumps to 20%… an $800 CASH BONUS! Whoa. That’s a car payment folks…. and a NICE car, too!
Career Plan: We have an amazing compensation plan. I’d be happy to send it to you if you’d like to check it out. Just send me a quick message and I’ll get it to you. You can even earn a $500 BONUS for hitting the Master Mentor Level. Just to give you an idea of what’s required to hit that level: within a month, you’d need $400 in personal volume, 5 qualified designers on your team ($100 PV from them each), $8,000 team volume (including you and your whole team) and 1 Mentor under you. The qualifications of a Mentor are $400 in personal volume, 3 qualified designers on your team and $2,000 in team volume. Who wants a $500 BONUS?!

What kind of training will you receive as a Chalk Couture Independent Designer?

In addition to all the training videos that are provided from our Master Courtier, Mandy Leahy, and my Mentor, Hope Hanson-Baker, Chalk Couture Corporate has a whole series of training videos as well. These videos are all compiled and put n our website for us to access anytime. There is also a Mentor Title and above group that Chalk Couture runs, where corporate does additional weekly leader taining to keep us full of ideas, so we can be the best leaders for our teams. You’ll also receive some getting started emails from Chalk Couture and myself wen you join. In addition, I am available to all my team members (and their team members) via Facebook Messenger, email, our team page, phone, text, etc. Our Facebook Team Page is full of ideas, inspiration, training, incentives and much more. Mandy also runs a Leader in Training group for those who would like to have additional coaching. We have a large team that is all over the United States and everyone is so helpful to one another. In additionto our upline Mandy’s team page, you’ll have the Chalk Couture Designer page. Everyone is so helpful with answering questions, sharing ideas, posting event pictures, vendor setups, expo pics, etc. You’ll love being a part of this company and our team!

What is Designer Debut?

Our Designer Debut program is so generous! It’s broken up into 3 levels. For the first level, you have your sign up month, plus one additional month to reach it. Then the following level will begin after that (it’s technically your 3rd calendar month as a Designer), and then the following month would be when you’d have your level 3 goal. If you hit all 3 levels within the appropriate time, then you’ll get a $240 BONUS. Total of $480 Designer Dollars, plus the Designer Dollars we earn monthly based on sales. Of if you just hit the sales amount within that amount of time you’ll earn the Bonus as well!

FAQs Joining Chalk Couture

Can I earn EXTRA incentives?

Of course you can!! The first way is with the Designer Debut incentive above. There is even opportunity to win an Incentive Trip, as well as Designer Dollars each month based on your monthly sales. Plus those on my team get an opportunity to win the monthly incentives that Hope, Mandy and myself offer.

I see that there is a monthly fee of $19.99 when you’re a Chalk Couture Designer, what is that for?

With the $19.99 fee, you’ll receive a Club Couture Chalk Transfer sent to you each month (autoship). The value of the transfer is $14.99. You will receive the transfer the month prior to them being available. They are usually mailed out around the 15th of each month. (So you would receive June’s Transfer mid-May) You will also get a Chalk Couture website, where you can accept orders and have people join your team. In addition to that, you get a Point of Sale App. This is a Designer Only App that can be downloaded in the App Store for Apple and Android devices.

I’m not interested in selling… am I still able to join?

Of course!! We love hobbyists!! You can join and get this awesome kit and then have a fabulous discount on all your purchase. However, there is a monthly fee that we pay and this includes a Club Couture Transfer sent to you free each month (autoship) and you get your website and point-of-sale app. The value of the transfers we receive are $14.99, so this makes the cost just $5 for the website. And then just the low quarterly minimum of $150 that has to be met to stay active and maintain your discount.

FAQs Joining Chalk Couture

Are consultants required to keep an inventory?

No, you are not required to carry an inventory. However, if you plan to do vendor events or expo events where you are able to sell product, I would suggest it since you can purchase your inventory at 40% off and sell at retail.

Am I able to resell the items I make using Chalk Couture products?

Yes, you definitely can. Some people work their entire business this way. They purchase transfers and chalk paste, create gorgeous pieces and sell those pieces. I would just be sure to mention that they are Chalk Couture designs.

How do I sign up?

It’s simple! You can sign up today on my website! Just go to www.WhatsJamieMakin.com/JoinChalk and scroll to the bottom! The wonderful news is that you can join my team whether you are in the United States OR in Canada! The sign up process takes only a couple minutes and you’ll be set and ready for business in no time. If you’re wondering what the store name is, that is the name you’d like your website to be– mine is What’s Jamie Makin, so my website is chalkcouture.com/whatsjamiemakin Some Designers like to use their name, some have a cleaver business name- use what you’d like and it will let you know if it’s available or not. Also make sure the Sponsor ID shows Jamie Makin.

I hope this list of FAQ’s of joining Chalk Couture helped! I tried to make it as comprehensive as possible, but if you come up with something I didn’t answer, please let me know and I’ll get you an answer.

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