How to Create a Shadow Effect with Chalk Couture

Using shadow effects in your Chalk Couture designs is a simple way to add dimension and depth to your designs. It’s also a really great way to add emphasis to a specific area of your project! It may appear to be a difficult task to accomplish, but I promise you, it’s quite simple. Let’s take a look at how to create a shadow effect with Chalk Couture Transfers and Chalkology Pastes.

chalk couture odette board laying on ground with gateful for big things, little things and everthing in between transfer chalked on. showing layering effect usingchalk couture pastes in regal and gold shimmer.

For this example, let’s use the Chalk Couture 12″ x 18″ Odette Boutique Board. This one of my favorite new boards because of the farmhouse feel to it, but it’s also versatile enough to have a modern edge!

I’ve also got the Grateful For Little Things Chalk Couture Transfer , the Layering Leaves Transfer (for a little extra oopmh to my finished project) and 2 colors of Chalkology Paste- Regal and Shimmer Gold. Of course, you can use whatever Transfer and colors you want, but this is what I’m working with today because I am feeling all the Fall vibes!

Step 1: Chalk like you mean it!

chalk couture odette board with grateful for little things transfer in regal chalk paste

Lay down the transfer and chalk your design as if this were a regular ol project. The color you choose for this layer will be the SHADOW color- so choose appropriately!

Step 2: Create the Shadow Effect with Chalk Couture Paste!

You’ll need to wash off and dry your transfer so we can do the shadow effect with Chalk Couture paste. We need to lay the transfer back on the board. I start by lining it up with what we already did. Then from there, you can nudge it in whichever direction you want your shadow to show.

The shadow is going to be opposite of what you see here. It looks like it would be on the left side of the letters… but it’s actually going to be on the right. Remember, we are using the transfer to cover up the parts we don’t want the new color.

Once you’re satisfied with the look, then put down your overlay chalk color and enjoy the results!

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